What is Neural Network?

Neural Network is also known as Artificial Neural Network(ANN). They are the subset of machine learning and the core of deep learning. Their name and structure are inspired by the human brain and copying the way the biological neuron signal each other.

A complex definition would be that a neural network is a computational model that has a network architecture. This architecture is made up of artificial neurons. This structure has specific parameters through which one can modify it for performing certain tasks.

Artificial Neural Network is the very core of deep learning. They are very powerful, scalable, and versatile…

what is Numpy?

Numpy is a library in python which is also been said as a numerical python. It is used for working with arrays, it also works in the domain of linear algebra, random numbers, and matrices. Using NumPy, Mathematical and logical operations on the array can be performed. It also deals with the multi-dimension array. I think learning NumPy will be the first step towards the python data science journey.

So, I will start with the basics from importing the library, and to the best of my knowledge, I will cover.

If you want to import the library then you have…

Whenever a dataset comes the first step is to extract data and manipulate it. It is the most important part as it gives the most useful information about the dataset. I have taken the IPL dataset. Let's see how it's done.

At first, we need to import libraries such as pandas and NumPy.

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